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Website design

Have Zoogle Media create a web presence for you so visually stunning and professional that you will want to visit your own website every morning to inspire you and get you excited about your business.

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It doesn’t matter how many people come to your website if the content and layout send them clicking to leave the moment they arrive. It is critical when spending money on advertising to have an excellent web presence. Zoogle Media has done extensive research to understand what keeps visitors from leaving your site and even more important what will prompt them to take action such as calling your phone number or buying your products. The bottom line in any web site design should be the real results achieved. Understanding consumer statistics and the physiological motivators that cause human behavior is often overlooked when companies design a website resulting in a high volume of lost sales.

Thinks To Know:
86% of consumers that land on a non-responsive website leave, and out of those people that leave 67% go to a competitor’s website. That’s insane from a marketing perspective. We and Google understand that a non-responsive website is a bad user experience. That’s why on April21st, 2015 Google change its algorithm to favors websites that shared a great user experience such that as having a fully responsive website tailored to every device.