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Local search Optimization

Zoogle Media is always looking for the best ways to promote businesses online. In recent years it has become critical to accommodate searchers looking for local businesses. The search engines have created ways for searchers to find local businesses that provide the products and services they are looking for; such marketing is done through the search engines local business listings such as Google Maps commonly referred to Google Maps, Google Places and now Google My Business, Yahoo! Local Listings, and Bing Places. Zoogle Media can create your business a local business listing on any of these major search engines.

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Local Business Listings

Creating a business listing is not difficult; however, creating it properly is another matter. The way information is entered into these listings is very important because such data will affect the way your business listing ranks. If the listing in not 100% complete your results will suffer. When Zoogle Media creates a business listing we strategically enter all of the proper information from the proper places to ensure you get the highest rank right off the bat. Also, we will structure your business listing so it can easily be optimized over time and start producing MORE SALES.

The following list includes some of the information that is necessary:
1. Basic Business Information
2. Email, Description, and Website
3. Business Category Selection
4. Service Areas
5. Hours of Operation and Payment Options
6. Additional Details

Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization or Local SEO the method Zoogle Media uses to take simple local listings to promote them to the next level. Being listed locally online is a great place to start, but optimizing your website and your listing is what will really start to bring in the customers. Zoogle Media LSO or local search optimization is the best way to find your business consistently ranking on the first page of the local results when potential customers are searching for your type of business.

A number of steps should be taken to get a consistent listing for your businesses targeted area.

We first focus on building your profiles citations. Web citations come in many forms, but the most common ones include:
* Business Data Syndication Houses such as InfoUSA and Axciom
* Internet Yellow Pages Directories such as Superpages and Merchant Circle
* Review and Rating Directories such as Yelp and TripAdvisor
* Local and National Business Directories such as Brownbook and Praized
* Location Based Services such as FourSquare
* Industry Specific Websites
* Chambers of Commerce or Government Websites

This is the complex part of the local optimization process and these citations are important. Citations are the lifeblood of your listing, for they build credibility for your business. Once the simple citations are completed the next step is on ongoing process of advanced citation building that is worked on over a period of time. This advanced citation building is really what sets your business apart from competitors; moreover, with this added citation, Zoogle Media can start driving lots of high quality traffic to your business.

Our second step is creating a review-building program.

Reviews for your business can greatly increase your local search results. Reviews also really make the difference in where customers decide to buy from. And according to a lead research firm BrightLocal, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. That’s insane! Zoogle Media not only provides a variety of outlets for your customers to review your products and services, but we also help implement proven strategies that can increase the number of reviews your customers write. We also read your reviews and constantly keep track of your online reputation. With our high level of client communication you will know what people are saying about your business without having to take the time to find and read every review. In other words, Zoogle Media’s review-building problem allows you to keep on top of any negative reviews that might appear. A quick response to negative reviews is helpful in local optimization but more importantly protects your companies’ reputation.

Our final step is integrating your Local SEO (LSP) and Search Engine Placement (SEP).

Once again, the goal of Internet marketing is to drive qualified website traffic that converts into paying customers. Integrating your local SEO with your paid search ads is an incredibly effective way to dominate over your competitors. Zoogle Media utilizes all of its resources to bring you customers. The usage of ad extensions in paid search ads significantly increase the visibility of both your paid search ads and your local business listings. Zoogle Media can help you to dominate your local market.

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