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Zoogle Media is a full-service Internet marketing firm based out of Vancouver, WA. Founded in 2010, we have been helping companies build their web presence and reach their internet goals ever since. Our mission is to provide quality, reliable web services for our valued customers at an affordable price. We believe in helping small business owners thrive in a time where big box retailers control the marketplace. We specialize in Search Engine Placement (SEP), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Search Optimization (LSO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Website Development.

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John Wanamaker, a merchant from Philadelphia, who in the 1870s not only invented department stores and price tags (to eliminate haggling), but also became the first modern advertiser when he bought space in newspapers to promote his stores. However, with his precise business mind, he expounded a witticism that has ever since seemed like an economic law: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted," he said. "The trouble is, I don't know which half.

Since 2010 the power of Zoogle Media has allowed advertising to becoming less wasteful and our clients marketing valuable with measurable results. However, online marketing is a very complex process if your intention is to target specific potential customers to generate a high return on your investment. Marketing dollars can be easily wasted online if your marketing strategies and management aren’t properly targeted or managed.

Choosing an internet marketing firm is a very important decision. In fact the majority of internet marketing companies fail within the first few years and there are many fly by night companies that come and go all for one purpose to take you’re hard earned money with them. It is important to thoroughlyevaluate short-term marketing goals while developing and adhering to your long-term marketing strategies.Zoogle Media offers a variety of holistic approaches to increasing online exposure, improving customer acquisition, and helping businesses increase revenue and profits. Our experts can improve existing marketing campaigns or design your comprehensive online media strategy from scratch.

Here at Zoogle Media we believe in more than customer service. We are looking to create long-term business relationships with our clients. Maintaining lasting business relationships takes more than just answering phone calls.We take it upon ourselves to truly understand each of our clients' businesses and their goals. Then, we can help our clients to develop strategies that will produce not only profitable results, but also a long-lasting relationship. Such relationships set Zoogle Media apart from our competitors, and these established bonds with our clients allow us to assist them in building sustainable businesses that will become successful in years to come.