Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing comes in all shapes and sizes.  The goals of social media marketing also varies greatly from business to business.  This is where Zoogle Media sets itself apart from the competition.  Zoogle Media’s first step with any social media campaign is determining what types of results a business is looking for.  Social media can be a great place to generate qualified website traffic.  It also is the Internet’s best resource to provide tremendous amounts of brand awareness and buzz.  Social media acts as a form to provide businesses with a connection to their past customers and give them updates and new product information in an unobtrusive way.  Social networks like Facebook provide a platform to generate interest in your company amongst a group of friends.  Twitter on the other hand is better suited for delivering daily or weekly updates and getting quick feedback from followers.  Social media has become a very important part of Internet marketing, but using the social networks correctly and with specific intent is how to make your social media marketing a success.

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It should be clear by now that Facebook is a widely used social network around the world.  Facebook has over 1.59 Billion monthly active users of that 945 Million mobile users and that is not the most fascinating part.  According to Facebook the average user spends about 40 minutes a day on Facebook.  That is nearly 30 hours every single month.  Nielsen reports that number is expected to increase by almost 10% in the next few years.  So what does this mean for your business?  That means there is now an interactive way to reach millions of highly engaged users that are easily targeted by demographics like gender, age, location, interests, relationship status, and many more.  Zoogle Media provides a variety of ways to promote your business and build brand recognition.

Facebook Pages

Profile pages unlike personal profiles are geared more towards public conversations between businesses and its customers.  They also vary greatly from the traditional personal profiles.  There is a difference between a profile and a page.  Zoogle Media provides professional setup up of Facebook pages and can build one with customized pictures, videos, and marketing strategies.  Building a large fan base (you can not have friends on a business page) can allow you to easily stay in constant conversation with your customers while getting your brand out and recognized amongst your customers friends.



Facebook Ads

Everyone has seen the ads that run on personal Facebook profiles.  Zoogle Media can help your business take advantage of the incredible amounts of exposure to highly engaged Facebook users.  The real value in Facebook ads is that Facebook users spend a good portion of their day online everyday.  Zoogle Media provides targeted ad placements to specific types of people and can target just about any audience.  When starting with Facebook ads Zoogle Media will help walk you through targeting your ads.  Since Facebook profiles are a dynamic environment we can specify exactly who we want to see your ads and when we want them to be seen.  People can be targeted by a wide range of simple demographics:





relationship status

preferred language

education level

graduation date


work industry

Zoogle Media can also target your customers based on the interests and “Likes” in their profiles.  Being able to target your ads based off of dynamic changes to people’s profiles is a very valuable tool you can only receive on Facebook ads.  People are constantly changing what they are interested in on their Facebook profiles.  Zoogle Media can target your ads to only display to people that are showing interest in specific things that make that user more likely to be interested in your businesses products and services.

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