Pay Per Click (PPC )

The world of Internet marketing has also become a powerful tool for businesses to reach out and attract customers. Because of this the world of paid search marketing or pay per click services has gained more popularity and grows more complex each year. In 2008 advertisers spent 7.7 billion dollars on paid search advertising. This number has grown to an expected 181 billion dollars by 2016. Zoogle Media provides results driven paid search that helps businesses succeed. Our experienced paid search consultants not only provide outstanding customer service but also the highest level of client communication. Zoogle Media can deliver the results you are looking for out of your paid search budget. Our core objective is to maximize your return on investment and make your paid search marketing a main income stream for your business.

Most businesses do not generate revenue from getting people to their website. Businesses generate revenue by attracting new and repeat customers for their products and services. The goal of any online advertising is to attract qualified customers through targeted website traffic. Doing this requires a deep understanding of your customers search intent and behavior. It is important to properly advertise to your customers depending on what stage of the buying cycle they are in.



Zoogle Media’s focus is to get the right customers at the right times and in doing so generating a high return on investment. Saying this is one thing, but actually delivering results is another. That is why Zoogle Media has developed programs for almost any budget that deliver the results you are looking for. We provide these results through a variety of processes that are
proven to be effective.

In-Depth PPC Keyword Research

The foundation for any pay per click campaign is comprehensive keyword research. Keywords are the unlimited combinations of words people might type in when searching for a product or service. It is important to develop a solid list of these keywords that generate quality search traffic. Keywords are organized into tight-knit groups based on searcher intent and relevancy. Once these groups are launched they are closely monitored and analyzed to ensure that they generate quality traffic.

Ad Content Development

Ad content is a vital part of successful paid search advertising. This content is the first impression of your business to an Internet user that is searching for your products and services. Attracting qualified customers is the goal of your pay per click campaigns and this ad content can make the difference between the Internet browser and real paying customers. Zoogle Media consultants take the time to really understand your business and brainstorm on ideas for this content. We then will write a variety of different ads that we can test in your campaigns, this is commonly referred to as A/B testing or split testing. By doing this we can determine what ad content is bringing the most qualified traffic.


Landing Page Optimization

The goal of paid search is to get customers to your website. However, getting them there is only half the battle. Once on your site we need them to take specific actions. This might be to fill out a form, buy a specific product, or simply call your business. Zoogle Media can test landing page headlines, body copy, calls-to-action and page layout to optimize your landing pages for the highest conversion rates.

Budget and Bidding Strategy

Zoogle Media is much different then most pay per click management companies when it comes to managing your pay per click budget and bidding. Unlike most companies that choose to use some type of software to manage certain aspects of your account, our paid search consultants are there to take a personalized look into every keyword to ensure your money is invested wisely. We will allocate your budget based on what ads and keywords are most profitable and best fit your advertising goals. There is something no software can do and that is provide a personal touch.


Quality Score

If you are currently using Google Adwords quality score is certainly something you should be familiar with. If you are someone that is currently advertising through Bing Ads which Yahoo & AOL are currently apart of, a quality score update will begin to affect you soon. Microsoft rolled out a similar relevancy based system in February 2015.

Quality score is a number between 1 and 10 that Google calculates and assigns every keyword in your account. This score determines the relevancy of your ads to any particular search query. Quality score is a very important number because is greatly affects both the page rank of your ad as well as factors into the cost of each click. Zoogle Media optimizes every ad campaign to increase all quality scores over time. Increasing your quality score helps to greatly decrease the costs of clicks and also allows your ads to rank higher in the sponsored results. There are a variety of factors that go into determining a keywords quality score. Zoogle Media paid search consultants are experts in quality score optimization. We will diligently be working to keep this number as high as possible at all times.

Conversion Tracking

Zoogle Media’s goal for advertising is to increase revenues and generate a high return on your investment. The advantage of pay per click advertising is that we can specifically track keywords to insure they are actually generating customers. A conversion is some type of action that you, the business owner determine has value to your business. This might be getting someone to your contact page, calling your business, filling out an order form, or actually buying a product or service off your website. Once we determine what a conversion is we can track each keyword and find out how much it costs to get a customer or cost per conversion. This is the most effective way to measure how profitable your paid search advertising really is.
Contact a Zoogle Media paid search consultant today! There is a difference between customer service and creating a relationship. Zoogle Media is in the business of creating a relationship with every client. We are here to provide you with results, advice, and a partnership with a company that is truly seeking what is best for you.