Mobile content is ubiquitous, but attention is in short supply. People now experience content in quick bursts. The average person checks his or her phone within 5 minutes of waking up,1 and goes on to spend five hours using the device.2 Phones are at the center of our daily lives— and we expect using them to feel seamless.

Savvy publishers are responding to mobile-first audiences with smart, responsive websites and new app interaction models. But it’s not enough to only improve content experiences — publishers also need to make ads just as intuitive. With Native Ads on DoubleClick, publishers and advertisers design campaigns that seamlessly flex across different platforms and properties.

Learn how to bring advertising to life and scale it across all screens, with Native Ads on Zoogle Media.

Native advertising isn’t a new thing

From the early days of newspapers and radio, advertisers have aimed to introduce consumers to their brands and messages in a way that complements the content people already enjoy. Search engine ads were the original native ad in the internet age, mirroring adjacent information on search result pages. Even banner ads matched the form and function of the surrounding web pages.

Content has evolved— ads need to catch up

Mobile experiences are more intuitive than ever, with webpages and apps tailored to organic movements like swiping and tapping. In this world of large, scrolling pages and constantly shifting feeds, large buttons and limited text areas, the banner ads of yesteryear simply don’t cut it anymore.

While content has evolved, advertising hasn’t. This mismatch between content experiences and ad experiences prevents advertisers and publishers from capturing opportunities in a multi-screen world.

Make your ads welcoming for your audience

Native advertising presents a solution. It allows ads to fit the form and function of nearly any publisher’s content, on any screen, providing consumers with positive experiences, wherever they are.

Native ads are cohesive with the surrounding content on any platform, and when coupled with the right targeting strategies, they can effectively supplement a publisher’s content.

Native before Zoogle Media

Native campaigns used to depend on endless arrays of custom templates tailored for each platform and publisher. These levels of customization could be straining — for both advertisers and publishers. The sizeable effort required to scale put large strains on campaign timelines and budgets, leading publishers and advertisers to assume running a native campaign meant trading off between building engaging creative assets and maintaining programmatic efficiency.

Native Ads on DoubleClick eliminate the need to choose. Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, DoubleClick’s native solution can help you build beautiful, relevant ads at scale, engaging consumers with better experiences across any screen and context.

Scale beautiful native ads with Zoogle Media

Zoogle Media’s native solution uses a flexible, component-based format. This allows a set of creative elements to be configured to fit the form and function of any site or app. Further, publishers and advertisers can buy and sell native ads in any way they prefer — whether through traditional manual trafficking or programmatic buys.

For advertisers

DoubleClick’s component-based native solution is built to ensure native campaigns will work with any publisher’s inventory, minimizing the need for expensive and time-consuming custom assets.

To create a native campaign, advertisers submit their creative elements — such as headlines, images and call-to-action copy — into Zoogle Media Bid Manager.

Zoogle Media then configures these components into multiple formats and styles to fit each publisher’s unique content. Building native ads in DoubleClick allows advertisers to make their native strategy a part of their broader digital strategy.

For publishers

DoubleClick’s component-based native solution flexes to publishers’ needs, delivering both standard and custom proprietary native ads to ensure great user experiences on every screen. Importantly, these ads may be served on the web and in apps, either programmatically or through traditional direct sales setups, to give publishers the scale they need across all advertiser relationships.

Publishers can now set up a central library of native styles in DoubleClick, tailored to their content. DoubleClick automatically compiles the ads using the appropriate style based on where users are consuming content, and delivers the right ads across their sites and apps. Teams are able to do all of this efficiently with a unified platform that respects business rules and targeting criteria across all their campaigns.

In the past, Flex Frames took an enormous amount of time because each layout required handholding. But, with Native Ads on DoubleClick, the advertiser can supply one set of assets and it can automatically distribute it to different layouts and formats.”

– Benjamin Cheung, Ad Technology Engineer at The New York Times