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Setting up a basic adwords or Bing campaign can be easy to set up, but it can be very difficult to manage. Cost can quickly get out of control without a measurable Return On Investment (ROI). Campaigns need to be constantly monitored and adjusted to ensure that they don’t lose effectiveness in converting leads into conversations. Add to this the difficulty of maintaining campaigns across the three major programs Google Bing & Yahoo, and it can quickly overwhelm a company that isn’t prepared for the complexity. On average many companies that first start a campaign start with little investment and before they know it there budget can be used up in the matter of days if not hours. For this reason, many companies will hire an expert like Zoogle Media to manage their campaigns for them. Here at Zoogle Media we are pleased to announce that we can combine all 3 platforms into one while maintaining high level of integrity and character.

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Hiring Zoogle Media can have many advantages. From selection of proper keywords and industry to knowledge to setting reasonable realistic spending limits, Zoogle Media expert industry knowledge can help a company be sure that it is getting maximum value. Compelling ad copy is also vital, since it is not enough to just have an ad appear, potential customers need to be induced to click on the ad to get more information. And once campaigns are set up and running, an expert @ Zoogle Media can help monitor results and make needed campaign adjustments and additions for peak efficiency and effectiveness.

Majority of companies that get into Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising will start off with only one of the advertising programs. Due to it’s popularity of about 68% market share on PC + laptop and 95% market share on Mobile + Tablets, many may choose Google, but it doesn’t pay to focus all efforts of a budget into one place. Each major search engine has its fans and proponents, so it is a good idea to have campaigns on all three major search engines. However, while this will increase a company’s potential exposure, it also increases the risk that campaigns and costs may quickly out of control. At Zoogle Media our new program will limit this risk while increasing exposure and results, since a Zoogle Media expert will be firmly in control at all times.

Hiring Zoogle Media can save a company money in other ways, in addition to making certain that costs don’t spiral out of control, a Zoogle Media expert can tweak a campaign to get optimal placement and exposure by improving quality scores can ultimately lead to higher first page placement and less Cost Per Click (CPC) while a competitor may be in a lower position on that first page but may be paying more Cost Per Click (CPC). Also making sure that ads appear to the right audience at the right time, a company will get higher conversion rates which ultimately lead to increase Return On Investment (ROI). Zoogle Media offers above normal industry standards. We go above and beyond for our clients. Call us today